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Terms & Conditions

1. Overview

In these terms and conditions, the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

2. Commencement of Agreements

2.1 This Agreement shall commence on the Agreement Date. Within thirty days of the Agreement Date, Heatcare Group Ltd shall carry out an inspection of the equipment to determine amongst other things its state of condition, accessibility and whether spare parts can be obtained for the Equipment. After having completed the initial inspection, Heatcare Group Ltd shall have the right to cancel this Agreement should it consider that it will be inappropriate or impracticable for it to provide maintenance services in relation to the Equipment and it shall notify the customer in writing of such a decision, within 10 days of the initial inspection. In the event of such cancellation, any payment which the Customer shall have made to Heatcare Group Ltd shall be reimbursed.

2.2 This Agreement shall continue for the period of one year from the Agreement Date, but may be renewed in accordance with clause 9.

3. Services to be provided

3.1 The services provided by Heatcare Group Ltd pursuant to this Agreement will be dependent upon the level of cover nominated by the Customer. Standard to all maintenance options is the provision of Heatcare Group Ltd of an annual inspection and safety check to ascertain any defects in the Equipment and to check the boiler to ensure it has been installed correctly and is working safely and properly. During the first year of this Agreement, the initial inspection shall represent the inspection and safety check. Should the Agreement be renewed, the inspection and safety check shall be carried out during the first month of the extended period of 12 months at such time to be agreed between Heatcare Group Ltd and the Customer.

3.2 The nature of the cover provided.

3.3 Gold Cover:

3.3.0 Labour for repairs to your gas central heating system, including boiler, controls and hot water.

3.3.1 Annual service.

3.3.2 Central heating boiler.

3.3.3 Controls, including programmers and thermostat.

3.3.4 Central heating pipework.

3.3.5 Radiators and valves.

3.3.6 Central heating pumps and zone valves.

3.3.7 Co alarm check.

3.3.8 Any hot or cold burst pipe inside the property.

3.3.9 Gas escapes including trace and repair.

3.4 Cold water plumbing.

3.4.1 Toilet repairs (if accessible).

3.4.2 Tap repairs (if accessible, taps repaired, if possible, not replaced).

3.4.3 Waste and traps in sinks, baths and showers (if accessible).

3.4.5 Waste pipes to soil waste.

3.4.6 What's not included:

3.4.7 Removing sludge, scale or repairing the damage it causes.

3.4.8 Showers.

3.4.9 Faults caused by accidental damage or third party.

3.5 Sani Ware.

3.5.1 Bath Panels.

3.5.2 Radiators not replaced due to cosmetic paint damage.

3.5.3 Lead pipes before stop tap.

3.5.4 Blocked outside drains.

3.5.5 Silver Cover:

3.5.6 Central heating boiler.

3.5.7 Controls, including programmers and thermostat.

3.5.8 Central heating pipework.

3.5.9 Radiators and valves.

3.6 Central heating pump and zone valves.

3.6.1 What's not included:

3.6.2 Removing sludge, scale or repairing the damage it causes.

3.6.3 Showers or taps.

3.6.4 Faults caused by accidental damage or third party.

3.6.5 Radiators not replaced due to cosmetic paint damage.

3.6.6 Hot water cylinder replacement.

3.6.7 Burst hot and cold-water pipes.

3.6.8 Bronze Cover:

3.6.9 Central heating boiler.

3.7 Controls, including programmers and thermostat.

3.7.1 Central heating pumps, zone valves and internal parts.

3.7.2 What’s not included:

3.7.3 Burst hot and cold-water pipes.

3.7.4 Gas pipework.

3.7.5 Removing sludge, scale or repairing the damage it causes.

3.7.6 Showers or taps.

3.7.7 Faults caused by accidental damage or a third party.

4 Responsive maintenances

4.1 Should a customer discover a defect or malfunction in the Equipment, he/she/they shall notify Heatcare Group Ltd by telephone or email.

4.2 Heatcare Group Ltd charges in relation to the provision of responsive maintenance are as follows:

4.2.1 Gold Cover - there will be no charge for the rectification of any defects providing that the service required is not excluded by the provisions of this agreement.

4.2.2 Silver Cover - No charge will be made for any part or service covered under Clause 3.5.5.

4.2.3 Bronze Cover - No charge will be made for any part or service covered under Clause 3.6.8.

5 Labour Services NOT INCLUDED

5.1 Irrespective of the nature of the cover nominated by the Customer, the maintenance services provided by Heartcare Group Ltd shall not include:

5.1.1 The rectification of any fault which has arisen because of any defective installation of the Equipment or any defect in the manufacture of the Equipment.

5.1.2 Any electrical work or circuitry and gas pipework external to the Equipment and the domestic water supply to any part of the Equipment (including the taps), except where cold water plumbing and electrical cover is taken.

5.1.3 Any work which is of a cosmetic nature for example the remedying of any damaged paintwork or other housing to the Equipment.

5.1.4 Work which is required as a result of any modification to the Equipment, or any maintenance services carried out during the continuance of this agreement by any other person other than Heatcare Group Ltd.

5.1.5 The rectification of any defect which has arisen as a result of the failure by the Customer to authorise Heatcare Group Ltd to carry out any repairs which Heatcare Group Ltd indicated were necessary when responding to any Customer call or after it, having carried out the initial inspection.

5.1.6 Any services required to any part of the Equipment which is not reasonably and safely accessible.

5.1.7 Any defect which has arisen as a result of any chemical reaction in the Equipment caused by the hardness of the water supply or any work which is required as a result of the installation of any corrosion inhibitor in the Equipment.

5.1.8 Any work which is required as a consequence of any negligent use or misuse of this Equipment.

5.1.9 Any change to the Equipment caused by the Customer or any third Party which was not present at the initial inspection.

5.1.10 Any shower appliances.

5.1.11 Any flue that is not an integral part of the Equipment.

5.1.12 Any work required as a result of the occurrence of any act of God including but not by way of limitation, storm, flooding, lightening. Freezing weather conditions or which is required as a result of any failure in the electrical, gas or water supply caused by whatever reason.

5.1.13 If any repair or maintenance services are required but not covered by the Agreement, Heatcare Group Ltd shall notify the Customer and should the Customer request Heatcare Group Ltd to carry out such services, Heatcare Group Ltd. Heatcare Group Ltd shall be entitled to charge, therefore.

6. Items Not Covered:

6.1 Fires, all showers, shower pumps, cylinder tanks, outside drains.

6.2 All taps will be repaired where possible. If not repairable for any reason, they will not be replaced. If the Customer wishes Heatcare Group Ltd to replace any taps, there will be an installation charge.

6.3 Boiler heat exchanges will only be replaced if the Equipment is under 7 years old and is an economical repair considering the boilers age and condition, if not the equipment will be classed as uneconomical to repair.

6.4 Claims within 14 days of Agreement start date.

6.5 Any controls designed specifically for underfloor heating.

6.6 Resetting you controls or changing your batteries.

6.7 Designer radiators.

6.8 Repairs to steel gas supply pipes, or any gas supply pipes that are not visible or accessible.

6.9 We are not responsible for your internet connection nor the data transmission to or from your boiler, appliance, device or control system and were not responsible for repairing or replacing any network hub, for connectivity to or from your thermostat or radiator valves and mobile devices, e.g. hive hub and receivers.

6.9.1 Cover cannot be transferred to another property, for example if the Customer moves house. This will require a new initial assessment and Agreement.

7 Spare Parts:

7.1 Heatcare group Ltd reserves the right to install spare parts of a different manufacturer from the original installation.

8. Payments

The customer will have nominated whether they choose to pay the annual fee monthly (by standing order only) or by one annual payment. If the Customer has chosen to make one payment, this shall be made within seven days of the Agreement date. If monthly payments by standing order have been chosen, the monthly fee shall be set out and such payments will be automatically sent from the Customers bank to Heatcare Group Ltd.

8.1 Should any payments not be made by the Customer when due, Heatcare Group Ltd shall be entitled to terminate this agreement forthwith by serving notice upon the Customer in writing.

9. Renewal

9.1 Renewal of the agreement will be automatic, providing the Customer payments are up to date, or the Customer informs Heatcare Group Ltd of cancellation.

10. General

10.1 For the avoidance of doubt, Heatcare Goup Ltd shall not be responsible to the Customer in any way for any loss or inconvenience which the Customer may suffer as a result of the Equipment breaking down or being inoperable, unless such event has arisen as a direct consequence of any breach of contract or negligence on the part of Heatcare Group Ltd.

10.2 Heatcare Group Ltd shall be entitled to use its approved contractors to carry out all or any part of its responsibilities under this Agreement.

10.3 Should the Customer wish to change the level of cover to be provided by Heatcare Group Ltd, they shall notify Heatcare Group Ltd on the customer service contact number or by email whereupon they will be informed of the relevant procedures.

10.4 It is the Customers responsibility to keep Heatcare Group Ltd informed of any change of contact details.

10.5 Our Engineers will only work at the Customers property if someone 18 years or older is always present during the visit.

11. Cancellation

11.1 The client has a period of seven working days from the date of the Contract to cancel the Agreement. The client can do this in writing, email or by contacting Heatcare Group Ltd by the relevant address, contact number or email address,

11.2 “Agreement date” - The date stated on the Agreement “Agreement Period”. The initial period of twelve months from the agreement date plus any additional periods of twelve months thereafter where this agreement has been renewed.

“Annual Fee” - The fee stated.

“Customer” - The Customer stated.

“Equipment” - The equipment stated in relation to which the Heatcare Group Ltd will provide services.

“Initial Inspection” - The inspection carried out by Heatcare Group Ltd at the start of the agreement.

“Working Day” - Any Monday to Friday inclusive, other than bank or public holidays.