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Temperatures in Warrington routinely dip below freezing during the winter months. Is your home's boiler prepared to keep you and your family comfortable? Heatcare Group provides boiler services in Warrington and the surrounding communities. As a local business with over 10 years of industry experience, our technicians are uniquely qualified to respond to all your boiler needs, including maintenance, repair, new installation and more. Landlords can also count on us for routine landlord coversSpeak to our team today to book your quote. 

Stay Comfortable All Year with a New Boiler Installation

Choosing the right boiler for your home can be overwhelming, especially if your old boiler suddenly fails and you're trying to keep your family comfortable throughout the winter months. The friendly technicians at Heatcare Group offer prompt responses and honest assessments of your home's boiler needs. Your home is unique. What works to keep you comfortable may not be right for someone else. Our team can help you choose the right boiler system for your home. Learn more about some of the benefits of boiler repair:

Improved Home Efficiency – Homeowners are searching for ways to lower their carbon footprint while saving money. A new boiler will keep your home comfortable throughout the year while improving efficiency.

Enhanced Performance – Old and damaged boilers often heat your home unevenly, leaving some areas of the home cold while providing comfort in others. Your new, efficient boiler will help keep the temperature in your home even throughout.

Reliability – If you have an ageing boiler, the uncertainty that it'll work during those frigid nights is enough to keep you awake. A new installation provides you with the peace of mind that you'll be comfortable while you sleep.

Better Control – If you're replacing an outdated boiler with a new one, you'll be amazed at the innovative new features providing better control, comfort, and insight into your boiler usage.

With these benefits in mind, installing a new boiler in your home is one of the best investments you can make for the value, security, and safety of your home.

Reliable Boiler Repair in Warrington

Warrington is known for its hard water, which can lead to accelerated deterioration of your boiler. When your boiler fails, you need a skilled and experienced team of heating engineers to respond quickly to heat your home. Heatcare Group is the team you can trust for boiler repair in Warrington. Our skilled and highly-trained professionals have experience working with most brands of boiler manufacturers, so no matter the issue, we'll be there to help. Most of our repairs are completed in as few as one day. We also offer generous parts and labour guarantees. Schedule your repair service if you experience inconsistent temperature, a continuous cycle, unusual noises or kettling.

Learn About Our Additional Boiler Services

Is your boiler running efficiently? Heatcare Group offers additional boiler services designed to save you money while improving boiler efficiency. When you choose us, our team will come to your home, assess the condition of your boiler and recommend the right service. Typically, boilers last between 10 to 15 years. With our boiler services, we can ensure your boiler will keep your home comfortable for years. Our additional boiler services include the following: 

Gas Safety Checks

Boiler Power Flushing


Protect Your Investment With Our Boiler Covers

Enjoy peace of mind that your home or investment property is safe and protected with boiler cover plans from the team at Heatcare Group. Our boiler cover plan members enjoy numerous benefits, including routine checkups, maintenance, unlimited service calls and an annual service. We offer three different plans based on your needs and budget. Learn more about our boiler cover plans, then contact our team today to become a member (with these Terms & Conditions):

Bronze Rosette

Bronze Cover

Boiler Cover

A preventive measure to keep your heating system running efficiently. It includes regular check-ups, maintenance, and boiler repairs from our team of Gas Safe registered engineers when necessary.

£14.00 /per month
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Silver Rosette

Silver Cover

Central Heating Cover

Comprehensive protection for your heating system and all the plumbing work in your home, from radiator issues to pipe leaks. This includes your annual boiler service and a safety operating checks.

£16.50 /per month
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Gold Rosette

Gold Cover

All-Inclusive Cover

For total peace of mind, our Gold Cover includes all the features of our other packages along with additional benefits like priority service, annual system health checks and fixes for almost any plumbing or heating issue.

£19.50 /per month
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Choose Heatcare Group for Boiler Service, Installation and Repair

For over 10 years, homeowners and landlords have relied on the caring and reliable technicians at Heatcare Group for high-quality boiler services. Our personalized approach allows our heating engineers to cater our services to meet your needs. We understand that repairing or replacing your home's boiler can be financially challenging for some, so we offer special financing options for those who qualify. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding our customers' needs has allowed us to continue growing. Speak to a technician today for your free service quote.