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Comprehensive Boiler Service in Liverpool

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Liverpool is one of the largest cities in the UK. Many of the homes were built in the 60's, with boilers that need extra maintenance or a full replacement. Whether you live in an older home or are in new construction, Heatcare Group is the team you can trust for comprehensive boiler service in Liverpool. Our skilled and trained heating engineers have experience repairing older boiler units. We have access to some of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry for replacement. You can also count on us to maintain all your combi-boilers and new systems. Ensure your boiler is functioning correctly with our comprehensive boiler services. Get a free quote today or sign up for a heating cover.

Stay Protected With Boiler Cover in Liverpool

Your home's boiler is essential for keeping you and your family comfortable. Preventative maintenance is one of the easiest ways to protect your home from a defective boiler. We offer boiler cover for homeowners and landlords throughout Liverpool. Our boiler cover service ensures your boiler is working at peak efficiency to help lower your heating bill while keeping your home more comfortable. We offer three levels of boiler cover to match your unique needs and budget. Our boiler services include the following (with these Terms & Conditions):

Bronze Rosette

Bronze Cover

Boiler Cover

A preventive measure to keep your heating system running efficiently. It includes regular check-ups, maintenance, and boiler repairs from our team of Gas Safe registered engineers when necessary.

£14.00 /per month
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Silver Rosette

Silver Cover

Central Heating Cover

Comprehensive protection for your heating system and all the plumbing work in your home, from radiator issues to pipe leaks. This includes your annual boiler service and a safety operating checks.

£16.50 /per month
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Gold Rosette

Gold Cover

All-Inclusive Cover

For total peace of mind, our Gold Cover includes all the features of our other packages along with additional benefits like priority service, annual system health checks and fixes for almost any plumbing or heating issue.

£19.50 /per month
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Trust Us for All Your Boiler Service Needs 

Homeowners and landlords throughout Liverpool and the surrounding communities choose us for their boiler service needs. When you choose us, our experienced and friendly team will come to your home, assess your boiler, and recommend service. Our top priority is your satisfaction, which means we always offer high-quality services at a transparent and fair price. You can count on us for any of the following boiler services:

New Boiler Installation – Is your old, inefficient boiler causing your home's energy costs to skyrocket? Is a leak leading to mould and mildew concerns? We offer new boiler installation services. Our comprehensive installation process ensures you get the right boiler you need to keep you and your family comfortable.

Boiler Repair – When it comes to boiler repair services, you need a reliable and skilled team. The heating engineers at Heatcare Group have experience providing comprehensive repair services to various boiler manufacturers.

Gas Safety Checks – Is your boiler safe? Our team of heat engineers are Gas Safe Registered, meaning we are qualified to perform safety checks on your furnace to ensure it's safe and efficient. We can complete a comprehensive safety check to provide you peace of mind.

Boiler Power Flushing – Sludge, rust and other debris can settle in your boiler system over time. Our team can remove them with a boiler power flushing service, which cycles chemicals throughout the system. Extend the life and improve the efficiency of your boiler.

Landlord Cover – With so many other aspects of rental properties to concern yourself with, wouldn't it be easier if you let someone else handle your boiler systems? Our landlord cover services provide you and your tenants with continuous protection against faulty boilers.

Renewables – Are you searching for ways to improve your home's efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money? Allow our team to evaluate your home's boiler or combi-boiler and see if an upgrade may be right for your home. 

Discover Why We're the Area's Trusted Team

At Heatcare Group, our goal is to provide you with reliable boiler services at an affordable rate. We understand every homeowner has unique needs based on the type of property they own, the number of people living on their property, and the age of their boiler system. Whatever the issue you're experiencing, you can trust our heating engineers for friendly and reliable service. We've assisted numerous homeowners and landlords throughout Liverpool. Discover how our team can help you as well: 

"Friendly Face" Method – Longstanding customers of ours are visited by the same heating engineer to build trust and to serve your needs better. 

Experienced – We have been providing high-quality services throughout Liverpool for over a decade. 

Qualified Professionals – Our technicians are Gas Safe Registered and receive ongoing training to ensure they are up to date on all the latest industry innovations. 

Financing Available – We're committed to making reliable boiler services accessible to homeowners by providing financing options. 

Heating Solutions for Homeowners and Landlords in Liverpool

Homeowners and landlords throughout Liverpool trust the skilled and experienced heating engineers at Heatcare Group for all their boiler service needs. Our technicians are responsible for providing boiler services in a specific region, so you'll enjoy service from the same engineer the majority of the time. Our "friendly face" method allows our technicians to understand your boiler needs better and provide personalised services for your home. Whether you need boiler installation, repair or cover, we can help. Get started today by requesting a quote